haiku de grace: week of 2/19/07

I've finally recovered from my Wednesday night hangover at DC Blogger Happy Hour 3, so I suppose it's time to wind another one up for tomorrow morning, right? There've been a number of posts covering the excellent affair, although my favorite is probably this rollcall from AwfulAnnouncing in which it is reveal that one of us pasty white bastards walked out on their tab. I promise it wasn't me. Straight cash prevents bad things from occuring. So does moderation, though, I guess, and there wasn't much of that in evidence, I'm happy to say. At about the point in the night where UM started going with the straight vodka I realized I was out of my league.

(For the record, I'm not in any of those photos, yet. As far as I know. Which only means that I'm one less person to recognize at Happy Hour 4 when there's another 20 of us sitting around individually because neither Mottram nor Steinberg has shown up and those are the only people we recognize.)

Daily Sports Haiku on Blog TV? Hey, it could happen.

Thanks to all the fine folks who met me this week and made DSH a part of their Blogroll (you hear how it rolls off the tongue, Comcast?). Your excellence has been noted in the sidebar.

Mangia bene and enjoy the weekend!

Ballhype: hype it up!

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