on: the shocking truth

Wait, you're telling me
Kobe wasn't supported?
Kwame wasn't it?

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on: obscurity in Indy

it's now Tuesday morn
and I still can't name this year's
500 winner

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on: the envelope please

Hello, 9-1-1?
There's a Sports Guy on my roof
I think he might jump

DSH is on vacation (a-GAIN!) We'll be back on Tuesday. If you find yourself in Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles on Saturday night, wander around the upper deck shouting "Hey! Haiku Guy!" I will buy you a beer if you can find me, loyal reader.

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on: things that were better six seasons ago

Things I don't care for:
VP, Chloe's kid, stuff that's
not Jack killing folks

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on: as an encore he'll stomp Tokyo

Orange kryptonite,
French Open concedes

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on: please god make this the last fucking time I read about Barbaro

Can you believe it?
Has it really been a year
since a horse got hurt?

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on: still the only reason to like UK hoops

That would bother me, except...

DSH is out of town on Friday, May 11th. Back Monday!

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on: he's growing his playoff hair

Nash stops the bleeding,
reaffirms the power of
Canada's healthcare

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on: it's just weird to think of them as "perennial failures"

Wings go from first to worst to
simply confusing

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on: simply enjoy it while it lasts

Considered progress:
close fight, legit decision,
fighters' ears intact

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on: so very obligatory

If Stephen Jackson
always shot that well, he'd be
behind bars by now

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on: before he was big shot bob, I imagine...

young Robert Horry,
the scourge of the carnival
those in dunk tanks feared

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