glorious people's haiku: 2/7/07

Somehow this one slipped through the cracks from last week (read: I'm a forgetful jackass) but John weighed in colorfully on the Lions' chances for next year:

Lions get Sam Gash
Fitting, for the big pussies
Four and Twelve....maybe

You may have noticed there's a rather big college basketball game tonight. You also may have noticed... from the hundreds of times you've heard it from me on Deadspin or the one time you heard it on Sportsline... that I'm partial to royal blue over impoverished, Gerber baby, NIT-banner-posting blue. That said, I'll be hammered tonight in hopes of dulling the pain that I fear will be inflicted upon Duke Nation by a team that... and it pains me to admit it... is much, much better than ours (right now). That's why they play the games, though, right?

All I've gotta say is that those lucky bastards still in Cameron had better be LOUD tonight.

Ballhype: hype it up!

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