haiku de grace: week of 2/12/07

Forgive the awkward construction this morning, but damned if I HAD to make a Haddaway joke.

Been scouring the interwebs today to find out exactly what Coach K said to Jared Dudley last night after the game. I'd guess it was less "you're a great player" and more "you went to the line 18 more times than we did so if you don't mind I'll be the one getting spittle on the refs, thanks." Dudley's my number one choice for "guy most likely to Kermitize somebody's face in" when he goes pro. Or maybe in the ACCs, a la Chris Paul to Julius Hodge's scrotum.

Also, I thought North Carolina was the worst when it came to dealing with snow, but then I moved to DC. At least they're sort of cute dealing with it down there in a "hey! white stuff! from the sky! are the gods angry?" sort of way. Here it's just panic followed by total government shutdown. Every year. It's a coastal city that's basically Northern and people just flip the fuck out... I can't explain it.

No links of note this week, sez Technorati, so that means: loyal haiku peoples! get the word out to your favorite sports sites! Nag, my minions! Let's get some links.

I'm kicking about the idea of doing spring training haiku for every baseball team, which would be numerically about 50% easier than doing it for every NCAA team in the Dance. My only worry is that I'm pretty sure I'd actually have to pay Gregg Easterbrook royalties at that point. (Still no link from Papa Bear. Eventually, I hope.)

With that, I'm off for a mercifully long weekend, which you may have already surmised. Back on Tuesday with some more 5-7-5 goodness.

Ballhype: hype it up!

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