haiku de grace: week of 1/22/07

This week's big-ups-yusself go to Off Wing Opinion for throwing their love this way. (Best Caps blog on the net and one of the best hockey blogs, period. For those of you lucky enough to get, uh, Versus.) I've been bothering Dan Steinberg at DC Sports Bog for a link, but I can forgive him for not getting around to it this week... he's had a busy week taking pictures of mascots in grocery stores.

I turned on the Winter X Games the other night. People were flipping snowmobiles. I don't know why. The Winter X Games have always seemed a little unnecessary to me when we have Winter Olympic Games. I mean, you're pretty much at risk of death in any winter Olympic sport (except maybe curling)... one of them even has the competitors carrying guns on the racetrack. So what's the point?

Although I did get to see Lindsay Jacobellis fuck up again. That was enjoyable.

As per usual, bookmark us and spread the word! Have a good... well, it's Sunday afternoon now. And there's no football on. Fantastic. So enjoy your Sunday reading. Til Monday... I mean, tomorrow.

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