daily sports sonnet: opening day '07

(Heading out of town for a bit this week... so how about a little early anticipation of the forthcoming season? Let's see if I'm this optimistic after 162 games.)

The springtime thaw brings out the leather gloves
the timbered bats (and natch, perhaps the pills)
the Hammer's record stands up, much belov'd
but Big Head threatens it, and our goodwill

yet clouds of scandal, lo, they start to clear
and innocence may yet o'er baseball reign
the young, like Wright and Howard, have our ear
and sound off with their mighty swings' refrain

on, Cubbies fans! this is your day of hope
when every loyal man and woman sings
on op'ning day a seamhead never mopes
even a Royal dreams of Series rings

the verdant diamond's tarps are fin'ly gone
the freshest season now will see its dawn

Ballhype: hype it up!

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